Frequently Asked Questions

A consultant empowers parents and students to evaluate and make the best educational placement decision.They create a child’s learning profile which evaluates how a student learns and provides advice and recommendations based on overall educational experience.
You will work with a professional in the field who knows the different types of educational opportunities with the goal to help your child thrive and find success academically, socially and emotionally.
A consultant will create a list of schools based on information collected and personal discussions with the parents, and student. They will assist you in navigating the application process by helping you prepare the application and for the campus visit and interview. Consultants offer assistance with refining the school list as well as navigating the final decision process.
The special education process is a cycle and a consultant will work to assist a family through this process. A consultant will guide parents in creating a positive working environment in order so they may advocate for their child and negotiate appropriate services. Central to this process is creating a vision statement. The consultant will act as a coach to empower families during all stages of the process before, during and after meetings.
An advocate represents you at school meetings and tries to resolve disputes on the family’s behalf. An educational consultant will educate the parents on the skills necessary to represent their child and how to participate in the education process.