Working together, I will empower you with information, tools and resources to help you effectively advocate for your child. Many parents lead busy lives and having someone assist you in navigating this process you will be able to focus your energy and make good use of your time and ultimately represent your child’s interests with the goal of receiving an appropriate education.

Create A Learning History and Profile:

Gathering information from a variety of resources, we will work together to create a master plan for your Child. This plan provides a long-range view of your child that is both clear and concise. Although this plan will be flexible and fluid it will anchor your decisions as you work annually for an appropriate education.

Empowering Families in Navigating an Appropriate Education:

Each child is unique. Using the learning profile, we will create a plan moving forward in best support of your child. We will identify the skills and knowledge you need to effectively communicate with your child’s special education team and become an active collaborative member. In this stage, I will assist you in how to identify your child’s needs and how to measure your child’s educational progress. Learning how to read tests and measurements is critical to creating a plan and assisting your child.

Evaluation & Moving Forward:

Moving forward it is very important to document and monitor your child’s progress. The task of tracking your child’s progress can become burdensome. I will help you find a simple to way so you feel organized and keep track of your child progress while evaluating measured growth one year to the next.