I have become an educational consultant after 30 years in education because I care about students finding success. Upon graduating from St. Lawrence University with a BS in psychology, I earned my Masters in Education at John Carroll University while student teaching at University School in Ohio. Guiding students as a teacher and coach, I witnessed kids grow and become self-confident and assured in their approach to learning as they discovered their learning style and passions. The following eight years I saw advantages and disadvantages to all types of academic environments while working at public and private schools both single sex and coed: Hathaway Brown School in Ohio, Brookwood School in Massachusetts, and Moultonborough Central School in New Hampshire.

There is no perfect fit for each student.  Through my experience and knowledge in working in diverse academic settings I am prepared to guide students in choosing paths where they can become their best self. The last 20 years I have worked in the admissions office at Brewster Academy as the Associate Director of Admission and Director of Financial Aid. My personal relationship with each family and my assistance in finding a good fit for them mattered most.

This journey of helping others find success is personal.  I grew up with a special needs brother. It was a struggle for my parents to find the resources necessary to support him. He achieved milestones no one thought possible helping our family learn the value of quality resources and changing the trajectory and quality of his life. I have navigated my own learning differences along with those of my children, and we have all come out stronger as we acknowledge our weaknesses and use our strengths. It is with compassion and skill that I dedicate the next phase of my career  supporting students and their families in ensuring they find success.