Creating a Learning Profile:

The process begins by gathering information about the strengths, weaknesses, interests, and aspirations of a student. A document describing a student’s learning profile will be created used as a core anchor in navigating the school search process.

Places we gather Information: (but are not limited to)

  • Meetings with parents and Child separately
  • Student, Teacher, and Parent Questionnaires
  • Educational testing
  • Grade reports or transcripts
  • Other relevant resources

Creating a Learning Pathway:

Based on a student’s unique learning profile, we move to creating a learning pathway for each student.  Using our knowledge, we will provide the family with a list of schools that match the student’s individual goals and learning objectives and help them carefully consider the academic programs and learning environments and experiences available.


Navigating the Application Process to Schools:

  • Staying On Track:

We work with the family to set up an individualized time-line to complete the application process. This will include setting up visits, testing dates, admission and financial aid application deadlines.

  • Completing the Application:

We work with the students and the parent to be sure the application showcases all they have discovered while creating their student’s learning profile. Guidance for requesting teacher recommendations is provided and other relevant information necessary to complete the process.

  • Preparing for the Visit:

We prepare your student for their interview and help them learn to toot their own horn and ask the right questions in search of a school that is well matched for them.

  • Navigating the Final Decision

Meeting with the family, we will assist them in weighing the various offers that schools have provided by circling back to a student’s learning profile and pathway to assist them in making their final decision.

  • Financial Aid Coaching: (optional)

We will educate you on what role financial aid plays in the decision for admissions. Our many years working as the Director of Financial Aid, we will coach you through this process, consider if you might be eligible and make this process less intimidating and overwhelming.