I have 30 years of experience working with students and families in educational settings that have cognitively diverse thinkers. My passion takes a student-centered approach-understanding how kids learn best and helping them to achieve their potential in an educational setting that challenges a student and provides the appropriate resources and community to thrive.

A Mission Based on Core Values:

Assisting families in navigating and evaluating the educational communities their children are a part of, with the goal of helping them thrive and aspire to be become the best version of themselves.

Creating a learning profile by gathering information from students, parents, testing and other outside professionals. It is through this process that a student’s potential comes into focus and assists families in affirming the type of educational environment and resources that are best suited for a student. Families will partner with academic institutions in best service to a student through collaboration, communication and cooperation

Discovering what ignites a spark in a student leads them down the road to developing a passion. It is the complement of a student’s talents coupled with academics that rounds out a student’s experience in choosing an educational environment where they can be themselves, feel comfortable taking risks and find joy in all that comes from being a valuable, contributing member of a community.